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The Nebo

Average depth: 18m

Maximum depth: 26m

The Nebo is reported to have been carrying materials for the Van Staden's River Bridge back in the 1800's when she was sunk due to incorrect loading. She was very top heavy and when she encountered rough seas she simply went belly up and sank. The wreck, which is over 100 years old, is broken into two main parts. If the visibility is good or you have an experienced dive master, it is a simple navigation excercise to get from one part to the other.

One regular fish species found swimming in and out of the wreck on this reef is the Natal catfish. Harlequin goldies, which are endemic to this area, are seen on the wreck. Round ribbontail ray, Sharpnosed stingray and Greyspot guitarfish are just a few visitors in the sand around the Nebo. Squid and Scorpionfish are also found lingering about the schools of fusiliers, tuna and Hammerhead sharks. Keep an eye out for Green Fern coral, different colours of Polyp coral and Green and Yellow turret coral are found on this wreck. The different dive sites on the Aliwal Shoal have something to cater for everone's taste including the shark fanatics.

Dive site information taken from "The Dive Spots Of Southern Africa".
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