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Umzimai Wall

Average depth: 23m

Maximum depth: 40m

Huge boulders, with big crevices, scatteres rocks and gullies to swim through are features of Umzimai Wall. On the inshore side there is a wall almost 20m high with ledges and a cave on the northern side. There are big Black coral trees, amazing long curled Whip coral and big Sea urchins in almost every corner you look. Polyp coral, White and Pink thistle coral and Green Fern coral are amongst the highlights on this untouched reef. The fish in this area, obviously not used to having divers around, were very inquisitive. These included, amongst many others, big Moorish idols, snappers, Triggerfish, Model tobies, Boxy’s and Tiger angelfish.

Dive site information taken from "The Dive Spots Of Southern Africa".
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