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Outside Landers

Average depth: 20m

Maximum depth: 28m

Outside Landers is a wall-like reef that runs from north to south. On the ledge you will find pinnacles which make a good enclosure for marine life and which stand out a couple of metres above the rest of the reef. The boulders create nice swim-through’s and gullies. As this is one of the deeper dives there tend to be thermoclines here and there, yet you may still encounter Bluefin kingfish, while tropical fish can also be seen. A school of Batfish has been spotted as well as fusiliers and Ragged-tooth sharks Nudibranchs and crayfish peeping out of the holes. Coral life, like most of the other reefs in this area, consists more of soft than hard coral, Lettuce coral, Sea urchin and much more can be seen on this reef.

Dive site information taken from "The Dive Spots Of Southern Africa".
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