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Cowrie Reef

Average depth: 19m

Maximum depth: 25m

Big boulders are scattered around at this dive spot with sand patches in between. A few ledges with overhangs and small holes in the reef are present where Triggerfish hide and sleep. This reef lives up to it’s name because there a quite a number of different species of cowrie shells on this reef sitting next to or on the big sea sponges. Coral life consists of soft coral such as Dead-man’s finger, various colours of Polyp coral swinging in the surge, Black coral trees and green fern coral with clouds of Goldies swimming around it. Also be on the look out for Nudibranchs in various colours and sizes. Hard coral consists of Smooth horned coral and Leather coral. In the sand patches in between, flounders are found hiding underneath the sand.

Dive site information taken from "The Dive Spots Of Southern Africa".
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