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Eel Skins

Average depth: 13m

Maximum depth: 19m

At this reef you will find shattered rock formations with a wall on the side full of caverns and overhangs. The scenery on this dive is one of the best on the shoal, you will also see a wide variety of starfish in all colours, shapes and sizes. Cleaning stations are to be seen in small caverns and False stonefish, Peacock mantis shrimp, Pufferfish and Boxfish are just some of the species seen on this dive. Coral consists mainly of soft coral and Green soft coral with clouds of Goldies. Nudibranchs on the rock formations are a must see. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for game fish lurking just off the reef. If you can, bring a camera along on this dive as there are many opportunities to take amazing photographs.

Dive site information taken from "The Dive Spots Of Southern Africa".
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