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Tiger Cove

Average depth: 12m

Maximum depth: 18m

Tiger Cove is part of the inside edge of the reef and is basically a big overhang that forms a cave at the bottom of the wall. It is named after the great amount of Tiger cowries found in the area. Along the wall you will find big green Fern coral, Black coral, Whip coral and various other soft coral. Goldies and other juveniles usually form a big cloud around the Black coral. Be on the lookout for Raggie scorpionfish and False stonefish as they are camouflaged so well that you really have to look carefully to spot them. Other regular visitors on the sand patch include Guitarfish and various rays. Guinea fowl moray eels and beautiful Nudibranch also occupy space on this reef.

Dive site information taken from "The Dive Spots Of Southern Africa".

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